Numerous individuals know a couple of superstitions about felines. In the same way as other of you, I'm somewhat of an 'incidental data' nerd and throughout the years the greater part of the feline random data that I have perused that has revolved around our catlike companions has been genuinely unsurprising and quite a bit of it depends on whether dark felines are fortunate or unfortunate

While investigating feline superstitions as of late, I went over a couple of pieces that I figured I would impart to you.


In old Japanese old stories, it was said that if a feline had a dark check on it's in those days this meant the spirit of a progenitor was available and the dark stamp was regarded as hallowed.

You may have seen the basic picture of the Japanese Bobtail feline with its front paw raised. This was viewed as an indication of favorable luck in Japanese old stories.

Feline sweethearts will be satisfied to hear that our catlike companions in Japan are likewise accepted to be a solution for epilepsy and episodes of despairing also!


In Italian fables, it was accepted to be good fortunes when anybody heard a feline wheeze.


Amid the Middle Ages, clay felines were put on the rooftops off French homes to ward of malice spirits. Interestingly, there are as yet numerous homes in France that still have artistic felines on their housetops.

It has additionally been considered amazingly fortunate in France to locate a dark feline with a solitary white hair.


In Poland, there is a legend that lets us know of a gathering of little cats pursuing butterflies beside a pond. The energetic cats fall into the lake and the cat's mom is left crying along the edge of the lake looking weakly on.

The willow trees alongside the lake continued to plunge their branches with the goal that the minor little cats could get a handle on the branches and getaway their specific end.

Presently, as per this beguiling Polish legend, each springtime that the textured buds on a willow branch show up it speaks to the little cats being spared and sticking to the willow branches and are currently ordinarily known as 'pussy willows'


The Russians have an old story in old stories that express that when another feline is brought home on the off chance that it is then tossed on an informal lodging to settle down then the feline is considered to have found and made the house it's home and will be glad to remain around.

The Russian Blue feline breed are likewise viewed as an image of fortunes in Russia.